What are the Safest Neighborhoods in Mesa, Arizona?

Oct 11, 2021 | Things To Know


What are the Safest Neighborhoods in Mesa, Arizona?



Mesa is one of the best places to live for very legitimate reasons. The third-largest city in Arizona offers many opportunities and has great warm weather all year round, ideal for outdoor activities. If you consider the cost of living in Arizona, Mesa makes it to the top of the list as it is 5% lower than the national average. The Phoenix suburb offers various reasonably priced options compared to other cities such as Gilbert, Tempe, and Chandler when it comes to housing.


The primary concern over living in Mesa would be the level of security. Generally, the chances of falling victim to property crime in the city are 1 in 45, and although It is in the 12th percentile for safety, there are several secure places to live. Residents of Mesa consider the most north part of the city as the safest, with 1 in 41 chances of crime compared to the 1 in 9 chance of corruption in the western neighborhoods.


If you are planning to move to Mesa, your checklist may be missing a tick on security. Well, here is a closer look at some of the safest neighborhoods to Live in Mesa;



1. Alta Mesa


Considered one of the most reliable communities in the city, Alta Mesa is a reasonably new community popular for the vast golf club located right in the middle of it. The area is perfect for families and retirees with several top-ranking schools. The neighborhood is also home to Gene Autry Park and a large RV park for locals and visitors. Residents of Alta Mesa can enjoy a high-end golf club that is great for small gatherings, exclusive events, and lots of recreational activities. The city also has well-lit streets and is pretty safe for people who enjoy evening walks.



2. Las Sendas


Another Golfer’s dream, the neighborhood is home to a pretty luxurious community complete with excellent amenities such as the Las Sendas Golf Club. The neighborhood is one of the most extravagant places to live in Mesa and Arizona. Typically, a home in the area would lie between 1,131 to 9320 square feet in size and 30 years old or more. The unique community has the best schools, parks, community centers, and astonishing trailheads with somewhat bikeable terrains. However, all this greatness does not come cheap either. The neighborhood has incredibly high-dollar listings, and of course, security is not a compromise.



3. Dobson Ranch


Dobson Ranch has a population of close to fifteen thousand people and 65% of owner-occupied homes. The residential estate offers affordable housing, with most homes built in one period- constructed between the 1970s and 1980s. Most Dobson Ranch dwellers are college students and families, which is understandable due to the numerous close amenities. Thanks to the many shopping centers, art centers, and cultural diversity (it is home to more Greek and Welsh ancestry).



4. East mark


East-mark is another stunning large-scale community, perfect for families. It is located towards the southeastern edge of Mesa and boasts a high rank as the best-selling, master-planned development in the whole of Arizona. The title remains greatly attributed to the numerous gorgeous homes and many fun activities for people of all ages. Additionally, the area has award-winning schools and over 40 neighborhood parks for families and pets. The neighborhood’s streets are relatively safe and continued designed to encourage biking, promoting a friendly, active culture among the residents.



5. The Groves


 The Groves community is unique for its architecturally diverse homes in both kids and pet-friendly environments. The home listings in this area are a bit high compared to other neighborhoods in Mesa, but it is undoubtedly worth every penny. Thanks to the friendly environment, exciting architecture, and easy access to major roadways, the area enjoys fast home offers. If you love being out, then there are unlimited choices in activities you could indulge in. Evenings are even better for both individuals and families since plenty of local restaurants like the renowned Sprite House and Pirate’s Fish & Chips. The community also has a couple of trendy stores and unique green spaces. It is remarkably close to the Papago Park, Hole in the Rock, and the Desert Botanical Garden. The Groves is also one of the most exciting and fun places to live in Mesa; there is a bounty of activities to explore.



6. The Desert Uplands


The Neighborhoods is for sure one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Mesa. The community has a population of slightly over 3,000 residents. The area is known as a relatively affluent community in a dog-friendly, serene and peaceful environment. Its crime rate is also significantly low, especially in smaller communities like Valley View and Thunder Mountain. Despite the high home listings, cash buyers do not shy away from the phenomenal community.



7. Augusta Ranch



The Augusta Ranch is famous for its top housing developments and planned communities located on the Eastside of Mesa. The area has numerous affordable properties compared to other neighborhoods. It borders several significant roads on all sides- Ellsworth Drive On the west, Crismon Road to the East, Baseline Road to the north, and the Guadalupe Road on the south. The community also has several excellent schools and has easy access to two large malls (a 20-minute drive from the community). The suburb is very safe and fantastic for families.


Aside from the numerous opportunities in Mesa, you can be sure to find several safe neighborhoods for any family to call home. It is even easier to find options within your budget.



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