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Welcome to Arizona’s most desirable real estate solutions company; here on the HOME page, you will find blogs, testimonials, and an about page! Sell your house today with EZ Max Offer! We are a professional real estate company ready to service your needs, no need to worry about fees; we are here to take care of your property problem and burden. We are known for our fast and easy process, as well as assisting many homeowners with difficult house situations. We make selling your house as easy as possible. Naturally, give us a call or fill out a form to get started!


Give us a call or fill out a form to send us some basic information on your house. We will use this information to get you an accurate offer for your house.


Once we have finished processing your information, we will send you an offer on your house. It is your choice to accept or reject the offer, there are no obligations.


When you accept an offer from us, we will send an agent to inspect your house. Then, receive your offer in any payment method that you want it in!

Why Sell Your House With EZ MAX OFFER?

We are a professional real estate company dedicated to helping you find a solution to any complicated homeowner problem; we have helped countless homeowners find the proper resolution and liberated them from all the stress and headaches. Unlike other companies who buy houses, we put the client first above all. We ensure selling your home to us is as easy as possible. We have NO OBLIGATIONS and NO FEES when choosing our service; you will save money and a headache. Our three-step process ensures that it is easy for our clients to understand how to submit their information. Please contact us today to see how easy it is to sell your house with us and learn about the process!We have one goal: To make selling your house as easy as possible! At EZ MAX Offer, we handle all of the hassles of selling your house, all you need to do is decide if you would like to sell with us! Give us a call today to see how much your house is worth! 

What Are The Cons Of Being Behind On Mortgage Payments?

What Are The Cons Of Being Behind On Mortgage Payments?

When you buy a property on a mortgage in Arizona, the lender expects you to pay back the cash you borrowed as agreed. Unfortunately, things may not end up as you expected, and you will be behind on mortgage payments. This may subject you as the property owner to...

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Houses We Buy

Here at EZ Max Offer, we buy houses as-in condition! Listed below are some of the houses we buy:

Relocation OR Retirement

Houses that need to be sold quickly because of a job relocation or a retirement. 

Family Emergency Or Divorce

Houses that need to be sold because of a family emergency or a divorce.


Houses where the owner can’t sell their house because of a bad area or it is undesired.

How Fast Can We CLose Your House?

We always close on your timeline! Whether you want to move in 2 weeks or 2 months, EZ Max Offer will work with you to make your move as easy as possible!


There is never an obligation to sell your house with us once you receive your offer or when you give us your information. The choice is always yours if you want to sell your house.


There are never any fees when selling with EZ Max Offer. There are no commission fees or listing fees when selling with a house buyer. If there are any fees associated with selling your house, we will pay it!


We may ask for additional information to get a more accurate offer for your house. Questions we might ask include if there are any damages to the house and if there are any legal issues with the property.


"Because of recent flooding in my area, my house was severely damaged. I couldn't afford to repair the damages, so I gave EZ Max Offer a call. They were able to give me more than I imagined for my damaged house!

Clifford G.

"With the recent COVID-19 outbreak, I could no longer afford my mortgage for my house. I received a call from EZ Max Offer and they offered to buy my house for a FAIR price. They were able to help me in my time of need!"

Shanel T.

"I received a job offer from a company in a different company. Wanting to sell my house quickly, I contacted EZ Max Offer to see how much my house was worth. They offered me a reasonable amount, and were able to close in 2 weeks."

George T.

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