Can I sell my house fast and avoid a hardship situation?

Oct 11, 2021 | Things To Know


Are you preparing to sell your house and fast in Arizona? We can’t ignore the fact that the cost of living in Arizona has gone high after many homeowners lost their jobs due to the ongoing pandemic. In such a case, if you have an ongoing mortgage that you require to pay, then it would be pretty hard to adhere to the rules.


Another factor that can cause you to opt to sell a house fast is a divorce battle. If you cannot settle who will stay in the place, the only option is to sell the house and split the money. Therefore This may lead to forclosure as an attempt by the mortgagor to sell the house to recover the cash defaulted, and well, you don’t want that right! Lastly, let us talk about retirement; you have this huge mansion that you have been living with your family. But now that you are retiring, you may need to buy a simple retirement home that you can manage financially.

If you are going through these problems and more, here are a few guides to help you sell your house fast to avoid hardship situations in the process;



Sell it lower than the market value


Know that most people are in financial constraints and thus, are looking for the most affordable houses to buy. Still, keeping in mind that there are more similar or better houses in the market, you will need yours to be ranked among the best homes selling at affordable rates.

So, you will get more and quicker responses if you pull this move. Therefore, go to websites and search for Sell my house Arizona, choose the best listing website and add your house profile there.



Look for cash buyers


Cash Buyers is the top best method for selling your house fast in Arizona or any other part of the world. You cannot guarantee that your home will get quick sales or responses even after listing it at a cheaper price than the exchange value. Some homebuyers opt to deal with the seller directly as it saves time and expenses.

In the case of the bank, the process of preparing the money to buy the house takes too long. For instance, if the buyer needs to buy a home through an agent, they will need to pay agent money even for house viewing. Such people opt to contact the homeowners to get it done if they have a lawyer to help with the process. 

You will avoid foreclosure, especially if you are lucky to sell the house within the first weeks of the month. So, look for such people around your area and close the deal quickly.



Work with real estate agents


Working with a real estate agent in selling your house in Phoenix is a good option, especially if you don’t know anything to do with house listing and sales. A real estate agent knows what the market is about and what people look for when buying a home. Besides that, some homeowners can only accept a house through a reputable real estate agent to avoid getting scammed. So, look around for a reputable real estate agent like EZ max offer and hire them to help you sell the house.

You need to explain to them that you need the house out of the market as soon as possible and give your reasons so they can advise you on the way forward. In some cases, home sellers had reported selling their homes with significant profits when they used a real estate agent. However, this process takes longer and involves a lot of paperwork without forgetting you will incur expenses to pay for their services.



Work on your home


As suggested earlier, you need to sell your home while still keeping in mind that your home is not the only one in the market. So, other than listing it at a lower price and working with a great real estate agent, you also need to ensure your house is attractive. Most home buyers will first be attracted to the house by how it looks.

So, if you have a hedge, be sure to trim it, mow your garden, and water the lawn to ensure it looks healthy. Any parts that require repainting do it as this will attract more buyers with special offers. With an affordable and well-maintained home, be sure to get fast home offers in Arizona.



Time the season


Although your needs and the discussed factors may affect the time you sell your house, sometimes working with the season when people tend to buy most homes in Arizona can help you sell your house quickly. The best time to sell the house at high rates and quickly around Arizona are from March all through to June. If you can list your home during this period, be sure to sell at a reasonable price and quickly too.



Use referral methods


 Although this is more of a traditional method, it can still work. Therefore, send a letter to your neighbors or tell them in person about your desire to sell your home. I bet your neighbors may have friends or relatives who would wish to buy a similar house to theirs around your hood, which puts you in a position to get a quick buyer.

The same case goes for your family members and colleagues. Tell everyone close to you about your house listing, and they can help you get a quick buyer.





Some unavoidable issues like bankruptcy, divorce, or even retirement can bring in financial constraints that may lead you to sell your house. If you are in a complex situation and wish to sell your home fast, we have provided the above guides to help you market and even sell your house fast.


Although all methods are effective, we always recommend the cash buyer method since it saves time with paperwork and money as there is no middle man between you and the buyer. However, ensure your house is well maintained and necessary repairs transpire before putting it on the market, as this will determine the buyers’ interests.

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