Avoid these 11 mistakes when you sell your house in Arizona

Sep 7, 2021 | Sell your house, Things To Know


Sell your house in arizonaAre you selling a home in Phoenix, Arizona, and its surrounding environment? are you caught in between selling your house to cash a buyer or realtor company? Nowadays, there are many signs of amateur real estate investors sending emails and putting up bandit signs on the road sign. If you have no experience, most likely, you will make a lot of mistakes by creating an emotional transaction. Nevertheless, you can avoid these pitfalls and complete successful transactions with a bit of knowledge. This guide discusses 11 mistakes you should avoid whenyou choose to Sell your house in arizona. 


Avoid these mistakes when you sell your house in arizona


One of the biggest worries many homeowners who are willing to sell their homes fears is to fall victim to the “webuyhouses” scam. However, with the correct information, you can avoid many pitfalls as you fetch the highest possible offer Az in a reasonable time frame. The following are some of the mistakes you should void when you are selling your house.



#1. Don’t forget to stage your home for a quick sale.


Therefore To sell your house in Phoenix, it is important to stage your home to allow potential homebuyers to visualize themselves living in your space. When you stage your home, a potential buyer gets the opportunity to see key features that will work for them. Also, it increases your chances of selling your home in Phoenix by 10 percent.



#2. Don’t forget to clean your carpet.


Before you invite that client, ask yourself how dos your carpet looks. And because any cash buyer inspects every aspect of your home, you must refinish your floor or do a thorough cleaning on your carpet. The best time for you to clean your floor is before you stage your property.



#3. Don’t skip a pre-listing home inspection.


Selling your house can be stressful when an activity goes wrong. More so if you hire an inspector who notices mold, cracked foundation in your premises. This action can cost you a sale. However, it is crucial to do a pre-listing home inspection on time, and in case there is a problem, tackle it on time before potential buyers use this weakness as their bargaining point. Also, choose to let your buyer know of the weakness and reduce the price of your home accordingly.



#4. Setting unrealistic price 


Before you begin selling your property, the price you want and what the market offers could be two distinct things. That is why the seller and buyer should be reasonable under pressure when setting up the price. As it is good to know the cost of living in Arizona as a buyer, the seller should have an average apartment cost in Phoenix, az.



#5. Underestimating the cost of selling 


Furthermore, selling a house can be within 5-6 % of the agent’s commission. The cost is not inclusive of any concession like closing cost and repairs. The cost is roughly 10% of the sale price.



#6. Considering only the highest offer


Although the highest offers are exciting sometimes, they are not always the best offer you can settle. Many traditional sales haves laid out contingencies that you must adhere to for sale to close. So, it is essential to note this contingency because some of them will protect the buyer’s interest, like financing. For instance, some buyers will offer higher offers on your property when they are contingent on selling their existing house. You would instead go for a slightly lower offer that doesn’t have any contingency on it.



#7. Ignoring repairs 


First, before you decide on selling your house, you should solve any issues that may turn your client away. When your house has a long list of maintenance issues, it will scare buyers away, devalue its actual cost as buyers will expect the condition of your home to match its description. In addition, most buyers will demand a house inspection before closing the deal. That is why we recommend prior renovation of your property if your objective is to increase its value. 



#8. Choosing the wrong realtors 


If you decide to engage a realtor, ensure that you select an agent who has your interest in his heart. Many agents will charge a flat fee, while others may charge a commission of the sale price, usually 5%. Be that as it may, negotiate your commission with the seller. Also, ensure that you interview your ideal realtor, check their credentials, past business, and plenty of their business.



#9. Limiting showings


Once you have posted your house for sale, try and accommodate as many potential buyers as possible. The action will entail organizing private shows, your family vacating for a while to adjust the weekend open house. If the home you are selling gets occupied by your family and is not available for buyers all at the time, it will not be easy to sell it. 


#10. Failing to have a clear financial situation.


Do you know many homeowners willing to sell their homes do not have a clear situation of their finances? This situation typically leads to a painful surprise. Before you decide on selling your home, it is good to access your financial income, future expenses encountered during the sale process, and any pending debt. 


First and foremost, contact your mortgage advisor to understand how much you owe them, then calculate after paying them what you will walk home with if you are selling to buy new premises. Use the mortgage calculator to see what you can afford and your estimated monthly payments.


#11. Failing to repaint


Before you invite the first prospective buyer, ensure your house exteriors and interiors are well painted. The job of repainting add value to your home, and it is worth all the effort. So always ensure the painter adheres to the quality of paint and job.


Sell your house in Arizona Conclusion


The goal of every homeowner who is selling their home is to have a smooth selling process. The thought something might go wrong is overwhelming. Therefore we hope these 11 sell your house in Arizona tips were helpful.

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