Can I Sell My House Without a Realtor in 2021?

Sep 7, 2021 | Sell your house


The answer to this question is YES! Yes, you can. But if you are going to sell your house without a realtor in 2021, you should first understand what realtors do and how best you can fulfill their role.

But if you are planning to live or move out of Arizona, there are a few things to consider:


The American cost of living index averages at around 100, according to Arizona’s index is 102.2, which means Arizona’s living cost is higher than your average American state. According to Expertise, Phoenix’s cost of living is even more expensive, ranking 90th out of 211 cities in the world. 

You may fail to know that the cost of living in an area affects the real estate market in the region. The high cost of living in Phoenix, Arizona, means that your living expenses, including rent, are very high.

When you feel you’ve had enough of that, you can decide to pack up and move to a more comfortable and cheaper neighborhood. If you’re considering moving, at ezmax, we offer the best and fast easy offer az.



So, why would you consider selling your house without a realtor?


Real estate agents charge somewhat between 6% and 7% of your home’s worth when selling or buying you a house. And while this amount matches their effort, there are times when you feel like buying your own home or selling your home without help. Some reasons you might want to sell your home without a realtor in 2021 include:


  • If you can’t stomach the chipping part of your cash payment and giving it to a realtor


  • If the house price cuts close to the mortgage balance, then having a realtor do the bidding for you might inconvenience you.


  • Also, suppose you have the time to learn about the market, organize the documents needed to transfer ownership successfully, and a few tips about selling your house in Arizona. In that case, you can forego hiring a realtor.



How to Sell your house in Phoenix


Step 1: Determine your home’s market value


When you sell your house, you want to get its worth. So, the first thing you should do is determine the fair market value and develop a reasonable listing price.

How do you determine your home’s worth?


There are a few ways to determine the value of your home. These include:


  • Real estate valuation websites


A real estate valuation site has algorithms that determine your home’s worth. However, the results are not accurate. A low valuation means you lose money, while a high valuation means your home remains in the market for a long time.

It would help if you were accurate to attract the highest cash buyers for your home in Arizona.


  • Comparative market analysis


A comparative analysis report compares the value of your home to other houses in the neighborhood. You might have to talk to a realtor for this evaluation. After all, they are professionals, and they understand how to factor in home criteria in the house’s overall worth.


  • Hire a licensed appraiser


If you cannot find a local realtor, a licensed appraiser should be your next choice. However, these might be a little expensive than consulting with a local realtor. Look for a local appraiser, explain that you want a market value estimate of your home, and let them do the rest.


Step 2: Prepare your home


Everyone wants to buy the shiny and beautiful things in life. And buying a home in Arizona is no different. Prepare your home so that it attracts more buyers.

Some preparation steps include:


  • Cleaning and decluttering your home
  • Making necessary repairs
  • Tidying up your front yard
  • Storing your valuables and medicines
  • Freshening the air
  • Ensuring good lighting in the house



Get yourself a 2021 home inspection checklist and tick every box for a more appealing house. The better it looks, the closer you get to a cash offer for your home.



Step 3: Advertise your house


You can only attract people to your home by making it known that you plan to sell your house. Some good marketing strategies include:


  • Put up a “For sale” sign- Make sure the poster in your front yard is professional and has an excellent color combination. And if you cannot make one, you can always order one from Amazon.


  • Create flyers and brochures to pass around to prospective buyers. Highlight all the things that make your home stand out, like the sizes of the rooms, total square footage, and the number of garage stalls. Listing additional information such as the parks and leisure spots in your neighborhood can build interest.


  • Use your online presence and advertise your home on your social media platforms. You can also pay for a listing spot on the Multiple listing services.


  • Host an open house where prospective buyers can come and take a tour of the place.



Step 4: Negotiate the sale


You will receive offers for your home. However, negotiating for a better price is always the most challenging part when you sell your house in Phoenix. You have to discuss price points, contingencies, closing costs, and the closing date.

While negotiating, make sure you understand the local and state real estate laws. This way, you can avoid some of the biggest house flipping mistakes resulting in a lawsuit. The more you understand selling your house in Phoenix, the less likely you will make a mistake.

To be sure, get help from a real estate attorney before signing the purchase agreement.



What are some benefits of selling your house without a realtor in 2021?


  • You get cash offers within the week, and sometimes, on the same day
  • It is not always necessary to make repairs as the cash buyers can buy the house as it is
  • There’s less paperwork, which means the process is less stressful
  • By choosing a cash buyer, you can close at your time


Some drawbacks include:


  • Your lack of knowledge in the Arizona real estate market may lead to a mistake that could lead you to court
  • When you get fast home offers in Arizona, you may fail to identify which ones are a scam and real.



Final Thoughts


Selling your house without a realtor in 2021 can be tricky, especially if you do not have the correct information about the real estate market in your area. You also encounter many “We pay cash for houses” scams that could see you lose your house or money.

Instead of treading this dangerous water alone, take a step back to learn the process before placing your home on the market or even accepting cash payments for your house.


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